Minggu, 20 November 2011

Say NO to violence website!

Err.. LOL (=w=)/ I'll get a message look like this if I'm login blog:

"Blog ini terbuka hanya untuk pembaca yang diundang saja

Sepertinya Anda belum diundang untuk membaca blog ini. Jika Anda merasa ini adalah kesalahan, Anda mungkin ingin menghubungi penulis blog dan meminta sebuah undangan. Anda telah sign-in sebagai rizuki.ruiji@gmail.com - Sign in dengan account yang berbeda."

The mean:

This blog is open only to invited readers only

Looks like you have not been invited to read this blog. If you feel this is incorrect, you may want to contact the blog author and request an invitation. 

You have to sign in as rizuki.ruiji@gmail.com - Sign in with a different account

What?! Since I'm opened that blogger? Oh my =w=" that blog is a contain  adult material and violence. I'm never opened that website look like that. Do you know? I'm only 13th years old children who have to searching friend in facebook and ameba pico. =w=" but, the technology now is easy to access other website. Now, be careful for search the website.

Any website have positive content and negative content. The negative is example:

-Website with a content a porn and violence. If you know, never opened that.
-Website with gambling. But, it's okay on pico and pigg. ;)
-Website with fraud business. That is ultimatum yourself =w="

Look like a bad website with bad content. = =" But, you can handle with yourself. Don't opened that website, if you look at the bit of violence, close that tab. Or you have a important file, copy and save on MS word. ^^

Ah, yes! Be careful in your email too. Maybe that email contain the virus. Virus may infection your computer. So, you have delete that email. I hate the virus too, look like make my computer is must be restart because that and my CPU memory is full (I don't need explain that, maybe you is confused with my language).

So, good luck and handle yourself. ^^

-Luigi Kagayaku
-Maria Kagayaku
-Niagi Kagayaku

Sabtu, 19 November 2011

Beware from copycat (change look, pico ID)

I'm have chat with Maria Kagayaku, she said:

Me: Hi.. ^^
Maria: *sigh!* I'm have copycat with someone.
Me: Eh?! Who is that?
Maria: She is ask me for copycat myself, I'm don't know she is copycat my name..
Me: .... That too bad, you must change your name.
Maria: Thanks.

OK, I'm understand with my member, she is copycat with someone. I'm must ask to the copycat from Maria for don't used a Maria's pico ID. Well, don't copycat please. ^^

Minggu, 06 November 2011

Happy Oliver

There are so many Picos who are wondering who is Happy Oliver. Do you want to know more about Him? Well let me tell you EVERYTHING!

Happy Oliver is a Special Pico Fairy who appears rarely in Pico World. He has a clover on top of his head and he usually wears a green shirt with a four clover leaf design and a green pants. He also has a four leaf clover painting on his face and h holds a four leaf clover. Happy Oliver is a party boy and he love to dance!

Like the other people thinks, Happy Oliver is NOT a computerized Pico, just like in quest that when you dance like 10 people, he will appear. Those rumors are not true. He visits the designated places of the campaign and visit the servers. But it doesn't mean that h will visit all servers of the campaign because imagine that if there are 100 servers of the campaign, he cant visit all of those servers because it's too many and you should remember that he is not a COMPUTER but he must be controlled by a Cyber Agent/ Ameba Pico Staff or the Game Master.

Happy Oliver rarely walks but instead he teleports. There are times that he's hard to catch and you should have to click and props him fast as soon as you see him before he dis appear. He also talk to us, like greetings but he doesn't really chat.

His campaign is usually held every 1 to 3 months -depends on the new updates and events and based on our observation- and choose the lucky winners and give 1000 Ameba Gold to them. The very first Happy Oliver campaign was held last May 20, 2010 at the parks for 1 week. And the VERY first lucky winner was Sydney Cohen.

Happy Oliver lucky winner 2010

May-20 [PARK] Win AmebaGold! Happy Oliver Campaign!

June- 11, 18, 28 - [PROM 2010] Every Friday's Special Event!

August 9, 10, 11 - [PARK] Happy Oliver Campaign in Matsuri Area!!

September 28-30 - [CASINO] Happy Oliver in the Casino Area!!!

(C$5,000 prize)

November 24-26 - [PARK] Props Happy Oliver and Win AG!!!
(Night Club)

Happy Oliver Lucky Winning 2011

February 23-25 - [1st Anniv. Event] Happy Oliver Campaign!!

May 18-20 - [Event] 5/18~20 Prom Oliver Campaign!!
(1st year of Happy Oliver Campaign)

July 27-29 - [Event] Meet Happy Oliver in Space!

Sept 28-29 - [EVENT] 9/28~9/29 Oliver Campaign!!

Congration for winning.. ^^

-Niagi Kagayaku

P.S: Congrats for Luigi, because he's winning on Prom Oliver's Champaign..

(with edited)